Administrative Guidelines


000  Local Board Procedures

003-BOG        Development Of Board Procedures/Policy

003-BOG-1     Board Procedure/Policy Development Process

003-BOG-2     Policy Deliberation Questions

003-BOG-3     Exception To Board Policy/Administrative Regulation

003-BOG-4     Request For Exception To Board Policy

003-BOG-5    Request For Exception To Administrative Regulation

004-BOG        Statement Of Financial Interests

004-BOGForm  State of Financial Interests Form

004-BOG-1     Filling A Board Vacancy

004-BOG-2   Board Of School Directors Application Form

004-BOG-3   Request For Conference Attendance

004-BOG-4     Reimbursement For Expenses

004-BOG-5     Travel And Expense Report

004.1-BOG     Student Representative To School Board

005-BOG        Duties Of Board Officers

005-BOG-1     Board Standing Committees

005-BOG-2    Solicitor Services

005-BOG-3     Solicitor Letter

005-BOG-4     Suggested Questionnaire For Prospective District Solicitors

005-BOG-5    Employment Of Consultants

005-BOG-6     Suggested Questionnaire For Prospective Consultants

006-BOG       Public Notice Of Board Meetings

006-BOG-1    Official Board Minutes

006-BOG-2     Abstentions From Voting

006-BOG-3     Abstention For Conflict Of Interest Memorandum

100  Programs

100-AR          Strategic Plan

103.1-AR       Nondiscrimination – Qualified Students With Disabilities

103.1-AR-1     Report Form For Complaints Of Discrimination

103.1-AR-2    Procedural Safeguards Notification

103.1-AR-3     Notice Of District-Initiated Evaluations And Provision Of Services For Qualified Students With Disabilities

103.1-AR-4     Parent/Guardian Request For Evaluation, Termination, Or Modification Under Section 504

104-AR           Nondiscrimination In Employment And Contract Practices

105-AR           Curriculum Development

105-AR-1       Proposal For Pilot Program

105-AR-2       Evaluation/Disposition Of Pilot Program

105.2-AR       Exemption From Instruction

105.2-AR-1   Request For Exemption From Instruction Form

105.2-AR-2     Response To Request For Exemption From Instruction

105.2-AR-3     Exemption From Dissection Activities

105.2-AR-4     Notice Of Dissection Activities

106-AR        Guides For Planned Instruction

107-AR          Proposal For Planned Instruction

107-AR-1       Proposal Form For Planned Instruction

108-AR           Textbook Review And Selection

108-AR-1       Textbook Adoption Request Form

108-AR-2        Guidelines For Evaluating Textbooks

108-AR-3       Textbook Evaluation Form

108-AR-4     Textbook Recommendation Form

108-AR-5       Textbook Readability Directions

108-AR-6        Disposal Of Textbooks

109-AR          Selection Of Resource Materials

109-AR-1        Selection Of Software Resource Materials

109-AR-2       Weeding Of Resource Materials

109-AR-3       Citizen Request For Reconsideration Of Instructional/Resource Materials

109-AR-4       Citizen Request Form For Reconsideration Of Instructional/Resource Materials

109-AR-5       Checklist For Review Committee

110-AR           Instructional Supplies

110-AR-1        Application For Instructional Supplies

111-AR         Lesson Plans

114-AR        Gifted Education

114-AR-1       Notice Of Parental Rights For Gifted Students

114-AR-2       Permission To Evaluate Gifted Student

114-AR-3     Invitation To Participate In GIEP Team Meeting

114-AR-4        Notice Of Recommended Assignment (NORA)

114-AR-5        Notice Of Intent To Re-Evaluate

114-AR-6       Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP)

114-AR-7      Gifted Written Report (GWR)

115-AR          Cooperative Education Program

115-AR-1       Cooperative Education Release Form

115-AR-2      Student Transportation Release

115-AR-3        Consent For Treatment

116-AR-0         Private Tutoring

117-AR       Homebound Instruction

117-AR-1        Physician’s Statement For Homebound Instruction

117-AR-2       Homebound Instructor Guidelines

117-AR-3       Homebound Instruction – Individual Report

117-AR-4     Reimbursement Form For Homebound Instruction

117-AR-5      Homebound Instruction Mileage Report

117-AR-6   Homebound Instruction Application

121-AR       Field Trips

121-AR-1     Field Trip Request Form

121-AR-2      Field Trip Request Form Curriculum Information

121-AR-3       Field Trip Planning Checklist

121-AR-4        Field Trip Parental Permission Form

121-AR-5       Field Trip Chaperones

121-AR-6      Letter To Chaperones

121-AR-7       Chaperone Supervision Guidelines

121-AR-8       Chaperone List

121-AR-9        Field Trip Evaluation Form

121-AR-10      Foreign Field Trips

121-AR-11     Letter To Parents/Guardians Foreign Field Trips

121-AR-12      Emergency Treatment Form Foreign Field Trips

122-AR           Student Organizations

122-AR-1    Student Acknowledgement Form

122-AR-2        Code Of Conduct For Cocurricular Activities

122-AR-3     Limited Open Forum

122-AR-4       Request Form For Student Meetings

122-AR-5        Addition Or Deletion Of A Cocurricular Activity

123-AR           Student Acknowledgment Form

123-AR-1        Code Of Conduct For Interscholastic Athletics

123-AR-2      Pre-participation Sports Physical Evaluation Form

123-AR-3        Recertification For Sports Participation Form

123-AR-4      Health Record/Questionnaire Parent/Guardian Consent Form

123-AR-5        Athletic Safety

123-AR-6      Proposal For Athletic Program

123-AR-7        Proposal For Athletic Program Form

123-AR-8        Athletic Club Status

123-AR-9       Auxiliary Postitions

123-AR-10      Sunday Practice Exceptions

124-AR           Alternative Instruction Courses

126-AR           Class Size

127-AR           Exemption From Assessment

127-AR-1        Request For Exemption From Assessment

127-AR-2        Response To Request Exemption From Assessment

127-AR-3       Assessment Strategies

129-AR           Marching Band Unit

130-AR           Homework Roles

130-AR-1       Homework Evaluation

130-AR-2        Homework Time Schedules

131-AR           Theatre Arts Productions

137-AR-0        Home Education Program Requirements

137-AR-1       Parent/Guardian Letter Home Education

137-AR-2       Affidavit Of Supervisor Of Home Education Program – Elementary School Age Student

137-AR-3       Affidavit Of Supervisor Of Home Education Program – Secondary School Age Student

137-AR-4      Curriculum Materials Request Form

137.1-AR        Cocurricular Participation By Home Education Students

137.1-AR-1    Weekly Eligibility Report

138-AR           Limited English Proficiency Program

138-AR-1      Student Home Language Survey Letter – English

138-AR-2        Home Language Survey – English

138-AR-3       Student Home Language Survey Letter – Spanish

138-AR-4        Parental Notification For Students Identified As Limited English   Proficient

138-AR-5        District Identification Form

138-AR-6   Exit Criteria For English Language Learners

140-AR           CharterSchool Review Process

140-AR-1      CharterSchool Application Review Form

140-AR-2        CharterSchool Review Team Summary Statement

140-AR-3       District Payments To Charter Schools

140.1-AR      Cocurricular Participation By Charter/Cyber Charter Students

142-AR         Migrant Students – Family Interview Form

144-AR           Parental Notification Letter For Victim Of Violent Crime

144-AR-1        Parental Request For Transfer For Victim Of Violent Crime

146-AR-1        Student Services Staff

200  Pupils

200-AR-0                   Enrollment Of Students

200-AR-0-Form          Student Enrollment Form

200-AR-0-Form-1       Parental Registration Statement

200-AR-1                    Student Classifications For Enrollment

200-AR-1-Form          Affidavit Of Guardianship

200-AR-2                  Residency Investigation

201-AR-0                   Admission Of Students

202-AR-0                    Nonresident Students

202-AR-0-Form          Affidavit Of Guardianship

202-AR-0-Form-1       Tuition Agreement – Nonresident Students

202-AR-1                   Information To Substantiate Sworn Statement By Resident

203-AR-0                  Immunization Requirements

203-AR-1                    Communicable Diseases/Attendance

203-AR-2                    Child Care Group Setting Immunization

203.1-AR-0                Prevention Education/Exemption

203.1-AR-0-Form       Notice/Request Form For Inspection/Exemption From Instruction

203.1-AR-1               Universal Precautions

203.1-AR-1-Form       Body Fluid Exposure Incident Form

204-AR-0                 Compulsory Attendance/Unlawful Absences

204-AR-0-Form         3-Day Unlawful Letter

204-AR-0-Form-1     Letter For Truant Student Over Age Of Thirteen (13)

204-AR-1                  Truancy Elimination Plan

204-AR-1-Form        Truancy Elimination Plan Form

204-AR-2                    Early Dismissals

204-AR-3               Absence For Educational Trips

204-AR-3-Form          Request Form For Educational Trips

204-AR-3-Form-1      Assignment Sheet

206-AR-0                    School Building Assignments

206-AR-1                  Grade/Class Placement

207-AR-0                  Confidential Communications Of Students

208-AR-0                  Withdrawal From School

208-AR-0-Form       Withdrawal Form

208-AR-0-Form-1   Student Records Release

208-AR-0-Form-2      Permission To Withdraw

209-AR-0                    Mandated School Health Services

209-AR-0-Form         School Health Record

209-AR-0-Form-1       Private Physician’s Report Of Physical Examination Of A Pupil Of School Age

209-AR-0-Form-2       Private Dentist Report Of Dental Examination Of A Pupil Of School Age

209-AR-0-Form-3       School Dental Health Record

209_2-AR-0                   Diabetes Management

211-AR-0                  Student Accident Insurance

212-AR-0                    Reporting Student Progress

213-AR-0                    Assessment Of Student Progress

214-AR-0                  Selection Of Valedictorian And Salutatorian

214-AR-1                   Weighted Exemption

215-AR-0                   Promotion/Retention/Acceleration

215-AR-1                   Retention Procedures

215-AR-1-Form         Lack Of Progress Letter

215-AR-1-Form-1     Student Retention Data Sheet

215-AR-1-Form-2   Light’s Retention Scale

215-AR-1-Form-3      Retention Letter

215-AR-1-Form-4     Parental Response Form

217-AR-0                   Graduation/Commencement

217-AR-1                   Counseling For Senior Students

217-AR-2-Form          Application For Early Graduation

217-AR-3-Form         Application For Diploma For Eligible Veterans

218-AR-0                  Discipline In Schools

218-AR-0-Form         Report Of Student Misconduct

218.1-AR-0               Weapons

218.1-AR-0-Form      Weapons Incident Report

218.2-AR-0               Terroristic Threats

219-AR-0                 Student Complaint Process

219-AR-0-Form         Student Complaint Form

220-AR-0                  Student Expression/Distribution And Posting Of Materials

222-AR-0                   Tobacco Use

222-AR-0-Form          Tobacco Use Violation Parental Notification

223-AR-0                   Use Of Motor Vehicles

223-AR-0-Form       Student Driving Registration Form

223-AR-1                   Use Of Bicycles

223-AR-1-Form          Registration Form For Bicycle Use

224-AR-0               Loss/Damage/Replacement Of District Materials

224-AR-0-Form         Letter For Nonpayment Of Financial Obligation

224-AR-1        Vandalism To District Property

226-AR-0-Form          Search/Seizure Incident Report

227-AR-0                    Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia

227-AR-0-Form          Controlled Substances Violation Referral Form

227-AR-1                   Anabolic Steroid Use By Student Athletes

227-AR-2                  Reasonable Suspicion – Drug Testing Of Individual Students

228-AR-0                   Student Government

229-AR-0                Student Fundraising

229-AR-0-Form         Student Fundraising Application Form

229-AR-0-Form-1      Student Fundraising Financial Report

230-AR-0                  Public Performances By Students

231-AR-0                    Social Events

231-AR-1                  Class Trips

231-AR-1-Form          Class Trip Request Form

231-AR-1-Form-1     Class Trip Financial Statement

231-AR-1-Form-2      Class Trip Parental Permission/Medical Information Form

233-AR-0                   Suspension And Expulsion

234-AR-0                    Pregnant/Parenting/Married Students

234-AR-0-Form        Student Health Report

235-AR-0                     Notification Of Rights Regarding Research Study/Surveys/Personal Analysis/Evaluations

235-AR-0-Form         Consent Form For Research Study/Survey/Personal/ Analysis/Evaluation

235-AR-1                       Educational Research Proposals

235-AR-1-Form          Educational Research Proposal Request Form

236-AR-0                    Student Assistance Program

239-AR-0                  Foreign Exchange Students

239-AR-0-Form         Foreign Exchange Students Application Form

246-AR-0                   Nutrition Education and Promotion

246-AR-1                 Physical Activity

246-AR-2                 Physical Education

246-AR-3                    Fundraisers

246-AR-4                 Letter To Parents/Guardians In-School Birthday Celebrations

246-AR-5                  School Based Activities

246-AR-6                   Safe Routes To School

246-AR-7                  Healthy School Environment

246-AR-8                  Marketing Plans For Student Wellness

246-AR-9                   Competitive Foods And Beverages

247-AR-0                  Hazing

248-AR-0-Form         Report Form For Complaints Of Unlawful Harassment

248-AR-0-Form-1      Notice To Complainant Of Unlawful Harassment

248-AR-0-Form-2      Investigative Fact Sheet

249-AR-0                    Bullying/Cyberbullying

249-AR-0-Form        Report Form For Complaints Of Bullying/Cyberbullying

249-AR-0-Form-1    Notice To Complainant And/Or Parents/Guardians Of Complainant

249-AR-0-Form-2       Investigative Fact Sheet

250-AR-0                  Student Recruitment

250-AR-0-Form          Notification To Students/Parents/Guardians

251-AR-0                  Homeless Students

251-AR-0-Form           Homeless Students Identification Intake Form

251-AR-0-Form-1      Procedural Safeguards Notice Of Denial Of Enrollment

251-AR-0-Form-2      Complaint Form – Enrollment Of Homeless Students

300  Employees

301-AR-0                    Staffing Needs Assessment

302-AR-0                   Use Of Consultant

302-AR-1                   Commissions

304-AR-1                    Candidate Selection Committees

304-AR-2                   Review Of Candidates For Open Positions

304-AR-4                  Confidential Inquiry

304-AR-6                    Recommendation For Hire Form

304-AR-7                    Personnel Transaction Form

304-AR-8                    Required Records For New Employees

304-AR-9                    Title I Teacher Compliance

304-AR-10                 Teacher Aides/Paraprofessionals

305-AR-1                   Evaluation Report Of Substitute Teacher

307-AR-0                   Student Teachers

308-AR-1                   Employee Resignations

308-AR-2                    Form For Acceptance Of Resignations

309-AR-0                    Assignment And Transfer

309-AR-1                    Voluntary Transfer Request Form

313-AR-2                   Support For Instructional Improvement

314-AR-0                   School Personnel Health Record

314.1-AR-0                Universal Precautions

314.1-AR-1                Body Fluid Exposure Incident Form

317-AR-0                   Employee Conduct Standards

317.1-AR-0                Employee Misconduct

317-AR-1                   Disciplinary Procedures

317-AR-3                   Educator Misconduct Complaint

319-AR-0                   Outside Activities

321-AR-0                    Political Activities

322-AR-0                    Gifts

324-AR-0                    Personnel Files

324-AR-1                   Request To Inspect Personnel File/Records  Inspection/Acknowledgement Of Inspection Of Records Form

324-AR-2                   Annual Notification To Parents/Guardians Regarding Qualifications Of Title I Teachers And Paraprofessionals

324-AR-3                   Response To Parental Request For Information On Teacher Or Paraprofessional Qualifications

325-AR-0                   Dress And Grooming

325-AR-2                  Identification Badges

326-AR-0                   Complaint Process

326-AR-1                   Complaint Form

328-AR-0                   Compensation

328-AR-1                  Notification Of Credits Form

330-AR-0                   Overtime

330-AR-1                   Required Employee Records

330-AR-2                   Overtime Approval Form

331-AR-0                    Job Related Expenses

331-AR-1                    Personal Car Usage

331-AR-2                    Request For Conference Attendance Form

331-AR-3                   Travel And Expense Report Form

332-AR-0                    Working Periods

333-AR-0                   Professional Development

333-AR-1                   Request For Conference Attendance Form

333-AR-2                   Report Of Conference Attendance

333-AR-3                   Pre-Approval Of College/University Credits

333-AR-4                   Application For Credit Reimbursement

335-AR-0                   Family And Medical Leaves – Eligibility/Types Of Leaves

335-AR-1                   Family And Medical Leaves – Procedures And Forms

335-AR-2                   Leave Of Absence Request Form

338-AR-0                    Sabbatical Leave For Restoration Of Health

338-AR-1                   Application For Sabbatical Leave For Restoration Of Health

338.1-AR-0                 Compensated Professional Leaves

338.1-AR-1                 Application For Professional Development Leave

338.1-AR-2                 Application For Classroom Occupational Exchange Leave

339-AR-0                    Uncompensated Leaves

339-AR-1                   Request For Uncompensated Leave

340-AR-0                   Transporting Students In Private Vehicles

342-AR-0                    Jury Duty

348-AR-0                   Report Form For Complaints Of Unlawful Harassment

348-AR-1                   Notice To Complainant Of Unlawful Harassment

348-AR-2                   Investigative Fact Sheet

351-AR-0                  Drug-Free Workplace Notice

351-AR-1                  Record Of Reasonable Suspicion Of Drug Abuse

355-AR-0                  Grant Writing

600  Finances

601-AR-0                  Fiscal Management Standards

601-AR-1                    Annual Financial Report

602-AR-0                   Budget Planning

603-AR-0                  Budget Preparation

604-AR-0              Annual Budget Report

604-AR-1                    Budget Resolution

606-AR-0                 Tax Collection

606-AR-1                 Tax Certification

606-AR-2                  Refund Of Taxes

606-AR-3                    Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collection

607-AR-0                   Nonresident Tuition

607-AR-1                    Notice Of Tuition Past Due

608-AR-0                    Bank Accounts

608-AR-1                    Insufficient Fund Checks

608-AR-2                   Notice Of Returned Check

609-AR-0                   Investment Of District Funds

610-AR-0                    Purchases Subject To Bid/Quotation

611-AR-0                   Purchasing Procedures

611-AR-1                    Receiving Procedures

613-AR-0                Cooperative Purchasing

614-AR-2                   Payroll Register

615-AR-0s                    Payroll Deductions

615-AR-1                   Tax Sheltered Annuities

616-AR-0                    Payment Of Bills

616-AR-1                   Electronic Transfer Of Funds

617-AR-0                   Petty Cash Funds

617-AR-1                    Petty Cash Request Form

617-AR-2                  Disbursement Of Petty Cash Form

618-AR-0                    Student Activity Funds

618-AR-1                  Expenditure Request Form

619-AR-0                    District Audit

619-AR-1                    Employment Of Auditor

619-AR-2               Proposal Evaluation Form

621-AR-0                    Taxpayers Bill Of Rights Notice

621-AR-1                    Taxpayers Bill Of Rights Disclosure Statement

621-AR-4                   Tax Appeal Petition

622-AR-0                    GASB Statement 34

622-AR-1                   Valuation Of Capital Assets

622-AR-2                   Record Of Capital Assets

622-AR-3                    Capital Asset Type And Useful Life Chart

622-AR-4                   Fixed Asset Addition Form

622-AR-5                   Fixed Asset Change Form

624-AR-0                    Taxable Fringe Benefits

625-AR-0                    Procurement/Credit Cards

625-AR-1                    Cardholder Agreement

625-AR-2                    Payment Request Form

626-AR-0                 Federal Fiscal Compliance

700  Property

701-AR-0                   Facilities Planning

701-AR-1                    School Construction Reimbursement Criteria

701-AR-2                    New Construction

701-AR-3                   Alternate Use Of District Buildings/Space

701-AR-4                    Application For Leasing Surplus Space

701-AR-5                    Naming Of Facilities

701-AR-6                    Request To Name Facility Form

702-AR-0                    Gifts/Grants/Donations

702-AR-1                   Intent to Give Gift/Grant/Donation Form

703-AR-0                   Indoor Air Quality

703-AR-1                    Indoor Air Quality – New/Renovated Facilities

703-AR-2                   Integrated Resource/Waste Management

703-AR-3                    Resource Conservation/Waste Management/Recycling

704-AR-0                  Maintenance

704-AR-1                    Building Maintenance Inspection Report

704-AR-2                   Playground/Equipment Inspection Report

704-AR-3                    Gymnasium/Equipment Inspection Report

705-AR-0                  Safety Program

705-AR-1                   General Safety Rules

705-AR-2                    Hazardous/Unsafe Condition Reporting Form

704-AR-3                   Facility Safety Inspection Report

706-AR-0                  Property/Inventory Records

706-AR-1                 Inventory Form

706-AR-2                   Fixed Asset Change Form

706-AR-3                   Report Of Equipment Incident

706-AR-4                 Disposal Of Capital Assets

706-AR-5                    Capital Assets Disposal Form

706-AR-6                 Disposal Of Books/Media Materials

706-AR-7                    Books/Media Materials Disposal Form

707-AR-0                    Use Of School Facilities

707-AR-1                    Rules For Use Of School Facilities

707-AR-2                    Application For (Rental) Use Of Penn Manor School District Facilities

708-AR-0                    Lending Of Equipment To Outside Groups

708-AR-1                  Equipment Loan Agreement Request

708-AR-2                    Lending Of Equipment To Staff/Students

708-AR-3                    Application For Lending Of Equipment To Staff/Students

708-AR-4                  Request To Borrow Laptop Computer

709-AR-0                District Security

709-AR-1                   Security Inspection Report

709-AR-2                   Key FOB User Agreement

709-AR-3                    Video Surveillance Cameras

709-AR-4                    Notice Of Video Surveillance

709-AR-5                    Functions Of School Police

710-AR-0                   Use Of Facilities/Equipment By Staff

710-AR-1                  Use Of District Vehicles

710-AR-2                    Vehicle Use Form

716-AR-0                   Integrated Pest Management Procedures

716-AR-1                   Notification Letter To Parents/Guardians

716-AR-2                    Integrated Pest Management Pest Sighting Log

716-AR-3                  Notice Of Pesticide Application

716-AR-4                    Intent To Apply Pesticides

716-AR-5                    Pest Control Information Sheet

716-AR-6                    Pesticide Use Log

716-AR-7                    Cafeteria Inspection Checklist

717-AR-0                   Cellular Telephones

717-AR-1                   Cellular Telephone Agreement

718-AR-0                   Service Animals In Schools

718-AR-1                   Evaluation Of Requests By Students And Employees

719-AR-0                   Energy Conservation And Building Management

800  Operations

800-AR-0                    Records Management

800-AR-1                   Records Retention Schedule

800-AR-2                    Litigation Hold

801-AR-0                    Exempted Records

801-AR-1                 Disclosure/Production Of Certain Records

801-AR-2                    Fees For Public Records Requests

803-AR-0                    School Calendar

804-AR-0                    School Day

804-AR-1                   Application For Approval Of Half-Day Sessions

804-AR-2                    Changes In Daily Sessions

805-AR-0                  Emergency Drills

805-AR-1                    Bomb Threats

805-AR-2                    Monthly Fire Drill Report

805-AR-3                Bus Evacuation Drill Report

805-AR-4                    Certification Of Fulfillment Of Fire Drill And School Bus Emergency Evacuation Drill Requirements

805-AR-5                  Bomb Threat Report



812-AR-0                   Property Insurance

812-AR-1                   Insurance Agent Of Record

813-AR-0                  Other Insurance

813-AR-1                    Insurance Agent Of Record

814-AR-0                    Copyright Procedures

814-AR-1                    Copyright Permission

815-AR-0                   User Agreement

815-AR-1                    Request To Temporarily Disable Internet Blocking/Filtering

815-AR-2                     Request To Disable Internet Blocking/Filtering To Nonprohibited Materials

815-AR-3                    Report Form For Complaints Of Unsolicited Electronic Communication

815-AR-4                  Report Form For Inadvertent Website Access

815-AR-5                   Network Responsibilities And Implementation Plans

815-AR-6                    Cyberbullying And Social Networking Education

815-AR-7                   Email Use

819-AR-0                  Suicide Crisis Response Guidelines

822-AR-0                  Use Of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

822-AR-1                   Responsibility For Automated External Defibrillator

822-AR-2                    Automated External Defibrillator Incident Report

822-AR-3                Automated External Defibrillator Service Log

825-AR-0                State Mandate Waivers

828-AR-0              Fraud

828-AR-1                   Whistle Blowing/No Retaliation

830-AR-0                  Breach Of Computerized Personal Information

900  Community

901-AR-0                    Public Relations

902-AR-0                   Publications Program

902-AR-1                    Publicity Release Form

903-AR-0                    Request To Speak At Board Meeting

904-AR-0                   Public Participation At School Events

904-AR-1                 Public Behavior At School Events

905-AR-0                    Citizen Advisory Committees

906-AR-0                    Public Complaint To Board

907-AR-0                    School Visitors

907-AR-1                    Visitors Log

907-AR-2                    Inappropriate Behavior By Visitor Incident Report

911-AR-0                   News Media Relations

911-AR-1                  Publicity Release Form

912-AR-0                    Relations With Educational Institutions

913-AR-0                    Display/Distribution/Posting Of Nonschool Materials

913-AR-1                    Nonschool-Sponsored Activity Acknowledgment And Release

917-AR-0                   Parental/Family Involvement

918-AR-0                    Title I Parental Involvement

918-AR-1                    Checklist For Parental Involvement Compacts For Title I

918-AR-2               District Level Parental Involvement Compact

918-AR-3                   School Level Parental Involvement Compact