Notice Regarding High School Rumors

We have received numerous contacts about rumors involving violence at Penn Manor High School allegedly to occur on Friday, December 21.  Since hearing of this rumor, the high school administration has made every effort to verify the source. Administrators and Millersville Borough Police have talked to students and searched various social media sources. While there is no evidence to indicate that this rumored threat is credible, it is being taken very seriously.

Unfortunately, the Solanco School District did have a credible threat in the past few days, to which the Pennsylvania State Police have responded and have made an arrest. While postings on Facebook, texting and other forms of social media communication have caused the rumor to spread very quickly, there is no evidence that it is credible or in any manner linked to any school in the Penn Manor School District. Additionally, district officials have been in communication with administrators and police in Solanco School District.  They have verified that other school districts were not mentioned in the Solanco situation.

Student safety is, and will always be, a top priority in the Penn Manor School District. The district has safety and security procedures in place in each of our schools to protect students and staff. The procedures were developed with input from police, fire, ambulance and other emergency responders. Administrators and teachers frequently review the procedures so they can be quickly implemented whenever they may be needed.

Part of any school-wide safety effort is the duty and responsibility of students, staff, parents and community members to report any information of a possible safety threat to a school.

Dr. Philip Gale
Penn Manor High School